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I’m now at the final bounding main concert in poland this trip. The show is going well. Maggie even got cake from fans, despite asking for a cat! Christie got a coke… Somehow it doesn’t seem quite balanced :-) awesome audience though.

We had a guy next to me that picked up on the chorus to “Toss and Roll”, David’s original song and began to sing it in broken english. He just had a look of joy on his face, when I saw that I joined in and he smiled ear to ear. Way to cool!

After “rolling up rolling down” the whole bar errupted into the polish version! Bounding main is definitly a hit!

As I write this line they are on the second encore!
The First was: Health to the Company
Second is Saltpeter Shanty
Third encore! Wow! Farewell to Tarwathee

Now after the show a shanty sing broke out! I have to thank Bounding Main for insisting that I come out from behind the camera and lead one! Holy crap was the the coolest moment ever! I lead, “Long time ago”. Bounding Main quickly joined in, and then before very long so did the whole room full of poles. It was quite cool!

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  1. Thanks, John, for your updates! It’s almost like being there! Thanks also for letting Dean use your phone to call and check on Shiloh. I hope we can have a Bounding Bonding Dinner after I get back from Omaha and that you can attend!

    Comment by Richelle Calin — 3/1/2010 @ 7:15 pm

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