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Copier Love

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I love the new copier at work, not only does it make copies, it makes books, scans, acts as a printer, AND it is a nice tattle tale on late night campus staff.

Tonight, at 11:15 the copier emailed me to tell me it was out of paper. Strange… The library closed at 10:00pm. It then a minute later emailed me to let me know it no longer was out of paper. ??? uh… interesting… 10 minutes later, it was out of paper again… then it once again had paper… uhhh… stranger… a few minutes later, it emailed me to tell me it had a paper jam… At that point I called the campus cadets and asked them to look into who is over there… “I’ll take a walk over there a bit later and take a look”, “Ok.. I replied” 20 minutes later the copier emailed me to tell me someone had removed the duplexer… I freaked, and called the cadet again. “Look, something is going on up there! someone just removed parts form the copier that should not be removed!!” “I’ll head over now!” “Thank you” “Wait.. how do you know this is going on?” “The copier emailed me for help…” “uhh… ok…”

Hopefully the cadet found out who was wrecking our brand new copier… I will be emailing the logs to both the chief, and to the head of maintenance.


  1. That is flippin awesome

    Can’t wait to find out what happened

    Comment by rat_bastard_bob — 12/18/2007 @ 7:40 am

  2. Yes please keep us informed of all the fun!!

    Comment by Harold — 12/18/2007 @ 10:04 am

  3. Does it store images of the photocopies it makes?

    I ask out of idle curiosity only, of course.

    Comment by Brian — 12/18/2007 @ 9:07 pm

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